Burglars at our residence

Chivas is an excellent guard dog. Recently all houses at our small street were burglarized in one night . The thieves took money, electronics, gold and jewellery, drank bottles of whiskey at kitchens with house owners sleeping on the first floor, made good sandwiches to make up the used energy…until they came into our garden and forced windows entry at our house. That was as far as they got. Chivas sleeps in front of our bedroom. He barked with his deep voice and made sure that they run away in a hurry. He continued to bark until we came down to check and close the window. Police came on our call and took the fingerprints which resulted with the burglars arrest few days later. It is interesting to note that Chivas barks very rarely once a month on average and always with a good reason. Trust your ridgeback!


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