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BIS-Best in show; BOG-Best of group (Rhodesian Ridgeback is in group 6 Scenthounds and Related Breeds); BOB-Best of breed

  Date of Birth: 5.05.2008
  Breeder: Ayaba Kennel
  Owners: Petar and Sabina Turčinović
Date Event Class Judge Rank
20.07.2011. CAC Kotor Champion Bulajić, M. (MNE) Excellent 1st CAC; BOB; 2nd in Group 6
19.07.2011. CACIB Cetinje Champion Ćurčić, Z. (SRB) Excellent 1st CAC; CACIB; BOB
11.07.2011. RR FRENCH CLUB SHOW Champion Curran, A.M.(Aust) Excellent 3rd
10.07.2011. WORLD DOG SHOW 2011 Champion Stefik, S. (SK) Excellent
9.07.2011. FRENCH CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW 2011 Champion Martinez, M. A. (Arg) Excellent
12.06.2011. CACIB Bled Champion Bozhinovski, P. (MK) Excellent 1st CAC; CACIB; BOB; 2nd in Group 6
11.06.2011. 4th SLOVENIAN RR Club Show Champion Hammerschmidt, E. (A) Excellent 1st CAC;Best male;

Best head; Best movement

11.06.2011. CACIB Bled Champion Selimović, I.(CRO) Excellent 1st CAC; CACIB; BOB; BOG
5.06.2011. CAC Golubovci Champion Kitanović, S. (SRB) Excellent 1st CAC; BOB; BOG BIS!
4.06.2011. CACIB Podgorica Champion Čelebić, P. (MNE) Excellent 1st CAC; CACIB; BOB; BOG
22.05.2011. RR AUSTRIAN CLUB SHOW Champion Berg, J.S. (NOR) Excellent 1st CAC;Best male;

Best movement

21.05.2011. CACIB Salzburg Champion Erdὃs, L. (H) Excellent 1st CAC
2.05.2011. CAC Moldavia Champion   Excellent 1st CAC
6.03.2011. CACIB Zagreb Champion Sruk, V.(CRO) Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG; 3rd BIS
5.03.2011. CACIB Zagreb Champion Halper Dražić, Ž.(CRO) Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB, 2nd in Group 6
3.10.2010. RR KLUB ZAGREB – 6 th. Club Show Champion Eshuis-Franke, M. (NL) Excellent 1st CAC;Best male of Croatian Breeding
2..10.2010. 3rd SLOVENIAN RR Club Show Champion Eva, G. (SA) Excellent
1.10.2010. EURO DOG SHOW Champion Reisinger, K.P. (A) Excellent
19.09.2010. CAC Kolašin Champion Damjanović, D. (MNE) Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG
18.09.2010. CACIB Podgorica Champion Vreteničić, S. (MNE) Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG
4.09.2010. CAC Pula Champion Jovanović, M. (SRB) Excellent, RCAC
22.08.2010. CAC Nikšić Champion Milić, M (MNE) Excellent, CAC, BOB, 2nd in Group 6
21.08.2010. CACIB Danilovgrad Champion Čelebić, P. (MNE) Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG
25.07.2010. CACIB Split Champion Ulltveit-Moe, A. (S) Excellent 2nd , RCACIB
24.07.2010. CAC Split Champion Alcrudo, R.M. (E) Excellent
23.07.2010. CACIB Split Champion Sabella, F.T. (USA) Excellent (4th)
22.07.2010. CAC Split Champion Šinko, Š. (SLO) Excellent, 4th
21.07.2010. CAC Kotor Champion Bulajić, M. (MNE) Excellent, CAC, BOB, BOG
20.07.2010. CACIB Cetinje Champion Vreteničić, M. (MNE) Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB, 3rd in Group 6
26.06.2010. WORLD DOG SHOW-RR SPECIALITY Champion Woodrow, A (UK) Excellent 3rd
25.06.2010. WORLD DOG SHOW Champion Skalin, B. (S) Excellent 4th
21.06.2010. CACIB Jonkoping Open Tripolli, S. (I) Excellent
20.06.2010. CACIB Jonkoping Open Stavarache, C. (RO) Excellent 4th
19.06.2010. CACIB Jonkoping Open Doppelreltel, M.L. (AU) Excellent
16.05.2010. RR CZECH CLUB SHOW Champion Achtergael, J.P. (B) Excellent 4th
15.05.2010. RR AUSTRIAN CLUB SHOW Open Simper, S.M. (GB) Excellent 1st CAC; Best male; BOB / BIS
2.05.2010. CAC Macedonia Intermedia Milić, M (MNE) Excellent, CAC
1.05.2010. CAC Bulgaria Intermedia Čelebić, P. (MNE) Excellent, CAC
6.03.2010. CACIB Graz Intermedia Selimović, I. (CRO) Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB; 2nd in Group 6
28.03.2010. CACIB Zagreb Intermedia Pešutić, D. (CRO) Excellent, CAC
27.03.2010. CACIB Zagreb Intermedia Bilać, A. (CRO) Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB
14.02.2010. CACIB Beograd Intermedia Ralić, M. (SRB) Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB
18.10.2009. 2nd SLOVENIAN RR Club Show Intermedia Selimović, I. (CRO) Excellent 1st CAC
17. 10.2009. RR KLUB ZAGREB – 5 th. Club Show Intermedia Achtergael, J.P. (B) Excellent 1st CAC; Best male; Best male of Croatian Breeding
11.10.2009. RR WORLD SPECIALITY SHOW Junior Finney, T. (IRL) Excellent; 2nd
10.10.2009. SKCHR CLUB SHOW Junior Zimmerman, F. (A) Excellent; 4th
9.10.2009. WORLD DOG SHOW Junior Erdὃs, L. (H) Excellent
20.09. 2009. CAC Kotor Intermedia Bulajić, M. (MNE) Excellent, CAC, BOB, BOG
19.09. 2009. CACIB Podgorica Intermedia Espen Eng (NOR) Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG
9.08.2009. CAC Nikšić Junior Stanić, R. (MNE) Excellent; JCAC, JBOB; BOB, 2nd in Group 6, Junior BIS
8.08.2009. CACIB Danilovgrad Junior Radjuk, S. (BLR) Excellent; JCAC
21.06.2009. CAC Lovćen (MNE) Junior Janjić, D. (SRB) Excellent; JCAC, JBOB, BOB, BOG, BIS
20.06.2009. CACIB Cetinje Junior Al Dagistani, M. (SRB) Excellent; JCAC
3.05.2009. CAC Ohrid Junior Vreteničić, M. (CG) Excellent; JCAC, JBOB, BOB, BOG, 3rd Junior Best in Show
2.05.2009. CACIB Ohrid Junior Bizzecchi, G. (I) Excellent; JCAC
1.05.2009. CACIB Bar Junior Vreteničić, S. (MNE) Excellent; JCAC
1.05.2009. CAC Petrovac Junior Brajović, V. (MNE) Excellent; JCAC
10.10.2008. 1st SLOVENIAN RR Club Show Baby Muller, H.(D) Very Promising, 2nd
11.10.2008. RR KLUB ZAGREB – 4 th. Club Show Baby Orit Nevo (Israel) Very Promising 1st; BEST BABY
19.10.2008. CAC Trebinje Baby Brajović, V. (MNE) Very Promising; BIS BABY
21.09.2008. CAC Kotor Baby Brajović, V. (MNE) Very Promising; BIS BABY
20.09.2008. CACIB Podgorica Baby Čelebić, P. (MNE) Very Promising; BIS BABY
10.08.2008. CAC Danilovgrad Baby Bakal I. (CRO) Very Promising; BIS BABY
9.08.2008. CACIB Nikšić Baby Al Dagistani, M. (SRB) Very Promising; RBIS BABY
CH Montenegro; CH Serbia; CH Bulgaria; CH Macedonia; CH Moldavia;International Championship – Croatian – Slovenian and Austrian are pending
JCH Montenegro (3x); JCH Macedonia;

Congratulation Chivas!