Chivas Stud Dog

Peedigre name: Chivas Ayaba
Date of birth: 5/05/2008
Height: 69 cm (27.2 in)
Weight: 46 kg (103.62 pounds)
Color: Wheaten
ED 0/0
OCD free 
 Teeth full dentition; scissor bite
(Twiny Ayaba x Zuritamu Wingu)

PEDIGREE (Link see table )
Chivas has a pedigree that not only includes well-known dogs but also very interesting European and African blood lines.  His mother is very impressive Ch Twinny Ayaba from famous Ayaba Kennel.
His  grandfather from mother lines is Cruft Winner 2003, World Winner 2003, Dutch Champion, Belgian Champion, Croatian Champion, International Champion Jockular Jamal Aquamarin.  Chivas father is German Ch Zuritamu Wingu.

Chivas Ayaba is well-balanced, elegant ridgeback, with nice athletic body,  good height and of correct balanced proportion with typical male facial expression, and elegant neck. Chivas has nice quality hair of  wheaten color. Little white on forechest. He has deep chest and good forechest. Tail is correct settled. Front and rear angulations are very good and have correct feet. Excellent top line. Ridge is correct shape and length. In short, substance and elegance,  power and balance.

See the view of several different judges LINK

Chivas is a self-confident male with no fears. He is outgoing and curious, darling and good family member.

Chukwuemeka  Ayaba –
correct female, excellent type, 1st breeding value / Excellent

Chivas has passed his breeding exam with the score 1st breeding value/Excellent
Breeding license (28.11.2009); 1st breeding value / ExcellentTypical representative of the breed

Chivas is healthy dog, he doesn´t suffer from any illness or any kind of allergy.

SHOWS  ACHIEVEMENTS (LINK table with all Show results )

 We have met a lot of nice people in dog shows, started new friendships and so we continued. As we were “new” in this, it was hard :). Today we know we did a great job, although we think Chivas is not only typical “Show Dog” in spite of excellent show results you see bellow.

Best in Shows

  • Austrian Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Winner 2010 (Best of breed/Best in Show)
  • CAC Golubovci 2011 Best in Show
  • CAC Danilovgrad 2009 Best in Show
  • CAC Azerbaijan 2012 Best in show 2nd
  • CACIB Zagreb 2011 Best in show 3rd
  • Junior Best in Show CAC Nikšić
  • Junior Best in Show 3rd CAC Ohrid
  • Baby Best in Show 5X (RR Zagreb Club Show, CACIB Podgorica, CAC Danilovgrad, CAC Kotor, CAC Trebinje)
  • R Baby Best in Show CACIB Nikšić

World dog shows (WDS) and World RR Speciality shows

  •  World dog show 2010 4th Champion Class
  • RR World Speciality Show 2010 3rd Champion Class
  • RR World Speciality Show 2009 Best Junior 2nd

Club Shows

  • Austrian Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Winner 2010
  • Austrian Rhodesian Ridgeback Club – Best Male and Best Movement (2011)
  • Slovenian Rhodesian Ridgeback Club – Best Male and Best Movement, Best Head (2011)
  • RR Club Zagreb 2010 Best Male
  • RR Club Zagreb 2011 Best Male
  • Best male of Croatian breeding 2009, 2010, 2011
  • French Rhodesian Ridgeback  Club Show 2011 3rd Champion Class


  • International Champion (2011)
  • Croatian Champion
  • Austrian Champion
  • Moldavian Champion
  • Macedonian Champion 
  • Serbian Champion
  • Montenegro Champion
  • Cyprus Champion
  • Azerbaijan Champion
  • Macedonian Junior Champion
  • Montenegro Junior Champion

Special awards

  • Croatian  Top 10 dogs – Zoo magazine, FCI Dog judge Igor Selimović, 2010
  • TOP DOG Montenegro 2009
  • TOP DOG Montenegro 2008
Show achievements (August 2011):
64 Shows total
Best in Show (BIS) 3x, BIS3rd 1x
Best of Group (BOG) 12x, BOG2nd 6x, BOG3rd 1x
Best of Breed (BOB) 22x
CAC 30x, RCAC 1x, ,
JCAC 8X, JBOB 3x, JBIS3rd 1x, JBIS 1x,
Baby: 7 Shows all very promising
BIS 5x, R BIS 1x