My dog Chivas by Rea (7)

I am going to tell you how Chivas: looks like, likes to do, personality and family. I’m going to tell you what Chivas look like. He is fuzzy and when I am eating he want some, so he becomes lovely and sweet! He is a big dog. He has brown fur and short fur. His tail is long. Now you know what Chivas look like.

Maybe you don’t know what Chivas likes to do. When we go walking we play catch and we run. He runs at Gorica up and down the hill without the leash. When he sniffs something he is stuck to it. Now you know what he likes to do.

Now you will learn what Chivas personality is. He is silly. When Chivas walks he shakes his butt like a lady. He’s awfully playful and kind. Now you know what Chivas personality is.

Now I will tell you who are Chivas family: Rina, Richi, Mina, Tomi, Grandma and Grandpa.

Now you know all about Chivas how : looks like,  likes to do, personality and his family!

By Rea

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Manwë puppies – Chivas offspring

This gallery contains 13 photos.

  Puppys with great temperament, nice pleasing head and warmth brown eyes :-), strong bones and  nice and long ridge. We enclose some picks from last week!You can find more . P.S. It is not easy to say, but … Continue reading

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Mutual training

"Aport Chivas" in Rikavacko lake training.We try to train Chivas in various circumstances. Here we practice “Aport” command at Rikavačko Lake. Chivas is an excellent student but he wants to be a teacher as well. Stubborn ridgeback!

He adores to give the commands like “Aport and follow me”. Here he is very serious about it and teaches his owner to obey at deep waters of Rikavacko lake. Why do we like ridgebacks?

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Burglars at our residence

Chivas is an excellent guard dog. Recently all houses at our small street were burglarized in one night . The thieves took money, electronics, gold and jewellery, drank bottles of whiskey at kitchens with house owners sleeping on the first floor, made good sandwiches to make up the used energy…until they came into our garden and forced windows entry at our house. That was as far as they got. Chivas sleeps in front of our bedroom. He barked with his deep voice and made sure that they run away in a hurry. He continued to bark until we came down to check and close the window. Police came on our call and took the fingerprints which resulted with the burglars arrest few days later. It is interesting to note that Chivas barks very rarely once a month on average and always with a good reason. Trust your ridgeback!

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Chivas – offsprings after one year

This gallery contains 6 photos.

After year and a half, we got some photos from Chivas first offspring. There are three different dogs in this photos. Just to remind you that his daughter Amira from that litter was best baby in Slovenian RR Club Show … Continue reading

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“Amazing Chivas” – WDS and Scandinavian tour

       Petar and Sabina took me 2200 km away from home to Sweden on the Triple dog show in Jonkoping.  I didn’t get Swedish Championship (I was always among four to ten best dogs) but I met many interesting good quality dogs and their owners.  There were about 200 ridgebacks every day in competition.  After Jonkoping we went to Herning (Denmark) where my results were even better at  the World  Dog Championship 2010.  As the youngest Champion present I got 4th place in WDS /World Dog Show/. The day after I was even better with 3rd place in Rhodesian Ridgeback World Specialty Show.  There was a group of people who were loudly cheering for me (Sabina and Peter call them Chivas fun club). They gave me a nickname “Amazing Chivas”. I really don’t know what that means but it sounded good. To be honest, the only better thing were many beautiful ridgeback ladies present among 250 ridgebacks.                                                                                                                                                                            Sincerely yours,  Chivas

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Morowi puppies – Chivas offspring

Great temperament, excellent topline, strong bones and deep chest. .. We enclose some pics from last week!