With Bakira Ayaba

Whelping date: 8.04.2010.

 Name: Bakira Ayaba 
Born: 06.01.2008 
Country: Croatia 
Titles: Austran Jung Champion  
Health test: HD: A (free), OCD-/ED:free; Teeth full dentition; scissor bite  
Breeder: Ayaba Kennel 
Owner:  Kennel of „Auerwater”; Helmut Weißenbäck
Web:  http://www.ridgeback-auerwater.at  

Offspring (A litter) 9 puppies:  5 males;  4 females

8 dogs show quality, 1 male offset (pet quality)
Males:      Asim     –       show quality
                    Aron     –       show quality
              Abayomi    –      show quality 
               Ayo-Aron   –      show quality 
                     Ariat        –   pet quality
   Females:   Alima    –  show quality
                     Amali  –    show quality
                      Azuri  –      show quality
                   Amira    –     show quality
More photos you can see in   Chivas – offspring afer one year